Ways To Stream Torrent Online Without Download

Stream Torrent Online; Whatever you may call this, they thrive for fun or the thrive for excitement; it is never-ending. Movies are one of the best solutions to escape out of boredom in the free time. The Internet has proved its capabilities, again and again, to provide what we need in just a few clicks. Since years, the torrent has gained popularity in the direction to provide any digital stuff that we may need, very conveniently. In this post, I am going to put light on the top ways to stream torrent online (movies, animation, and other videos) for my friends who cannot wait to download and watch the video or movie they just searched.

For my friends who want to download movies, Streaming is still a good option because it let us know about the quality of the file that we may consider to download and watch. Streaming lets us have immediate access to the content that we are looking for and cannot wait to watch. Let’s have a closer look at the best ways to stream torrent without downloading.

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How To Stream Torrent [Movies | Anime | Videos]

1. Top Free Programs Stream Torrent Movies Online

1.1  Torrentstreaming

Torrent Streaming is a free cross-platform movie streaming app that let you stream and watch the torrent video or movie without making you wait to download. The app is available for multiple platforms including Windows 7,8,8.1,10, Linux and Mac.  All you need to do to make the program work is to drop the torrent file on the program interface or simply paste the direct .torrent link or the magnet link to the box located at the top right and click on Stream to watch the movie online.

  • Download app: here

1.2  Rox Player

Rox player may look like a little video player app that has support for many codecs, but the app differs from the other apps by providing a one-stop solution to grab and stream torrent movies or videos through a magnet link or .torrent file. Rox player has a very user-friendly interface and can play every possible modern video format. Compatible with: Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

  • Download app: here

You can also use the following applications to watch .torrent or magnet files without waiting for download to finish:

1.3  Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free software BitTorrent client that has an integrated media player and supports multiple platforms. The real app provides open access to thousands of torrent movies, videos, and series. Popcorn time is a well-built application with an updated list of torrent movies, web series, and anime. It also supports subtitles which make it even more acceptable torrent streamer.

1.4  Ace Stream

A free player based on the popular VLC media player. With it, you can play physical .torrent files and also magnet links. Additionally, with Ace Stream player you can play ace stream URL streams. Now you will be able to stream the movie that you want without spending a single penny on it.

2. Cache Torrent And Stream Online 

2.1  Zbigz

Zbigz is one of the broad range of available torrent caching service provider available until now on the internet. Zbigz gained its popularity under the Keyword-Download torrent from IDM” making it convenient for the users to download and manage torrent files.

I must tell you that Zbigz does not restrict its use to Download torrents with IDM, but it also let them stream and create playlists from the music and video files that the cache and save to the drive. Zbigz is free to use but also has a premium membership option.

Zbigz is free to use up to 1 GB file, if you’re willing to download files larger than 1 GB then you need to purchase a premium account. Although there are some sites offering Zbigz premium account for free by doing some simple tasks only.

2.2 Bitport


Bitport plays its part by safely finding and downloading torrent with ease. You can cache and save the torrent to the drive and can download it whenever you want with the help of Download Manager installed on your personal computer. Bitport also let you stream the videos if you do not want to download a single bit.

2.3 Filestream


File stream is a secure anonymous internet accelerator and a private cloud storage service. You can download torrent movies to the file stream online drive and can continue to watch it later.  With file stream, you will have Access to your files on your Mobile Device PC, Mac, or even a Big Screen. The recent improvement is marked by the file stream service provider by letting you start watching a movie on your computer and continue on any other connected device like your mobile phone.

3. Use Torch Browser

Torch browser is well known for its innovation to help download Torrents online; its media grabber is a useful tool to grab videos from FB, Twitter, and Youtube. Users find the browser quite similar to Chrome and every extension from chrome web store work in the torch. Well, I must mention that the torch browser can also stream torrent videos with just a single click. You just have to click on the magnet link, and, add the torrent file to the download list.

To stream the torrent file, you are downloading; you just have to wait until a folder icon appears in the archive, and will be able to stream the video file by clicking the play icon. This click will take you to a new tab where the streaming will start.

4. Using Web Browser Apps and Extensions

4.1 Torrent Stream App for Chrome

Nothing is simpler than a torrent stream app for google chrome. The app lets you stream watch torrent movies by just pasting them. MagnetURL. The apps take a little time to get glued to the peers and then downloads significant bits of information enough to play the video. It is fascinating to note that the app also supports “Open Subtitles” to automatically find a subtitle that runs in sync with the movie.

To install this extension visit Chrome App Store, Search for Torrent Stream and add to chrome to get started with streaming in the browser or click the link below.

   Download Extension


If you do not prefer to download movies or videos using torrent, then there are a lot of streaming options availableyou can choose the one that suits you the best. If you like to have streaming available in your browser, you can prefer caching websites like Zbigz, Bitport, torrent stream app for Chrome. You want to stream and save it for later, you can leave the task on Torch browser.

If you are fond of applications, then you can look for software like torrent streaming, popcorn time and Rox player. Feel free to check out these apps and sites and do write your experience to us.