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Ever wondered, watching videos online is an easy task but what if you liked a certain video and want it to be downloaded to your laptop or phone? Here comes the main grueling task as there are not many options for downloading videos online. But one such very popular and free app is available for all android and windows users. It is the Vidmate app.

While review movie apps, we have seen the charm of Showbox, The savior terrarium App, the legit Tubi TV and much more. Vidmate is a sort of multi-purpose app. With vidmate download, you get to download what you love to watch.

What Is Vidmate App?

Vidmate is a platform wherein you can download videos for free to your devices. There are various hosting sites available on it wherein you can watch and even download the file. As various hosting sites are involved in it, users’ get to choose from a range of download options for a particular video.

The more popular hosting sites on Vidmate are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe, and many others. It is a recently launched app but has become quite popular already with more than 50,000 app users.

Like Google is the most looked upon the search engine, the same way Vidmate works as a search engine for all videos available to view or download. There are various video download portals like Vimeo, YouTube where certain videos are found but VidMate allows you to have access to all available videos on the net at one place, which is all clicks away.

As all the options are seen in one place, you can choose a particular portal from where the video is to be downloaded and not go on installing multiple software for downloading. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort.

Vidmate Features

vidmate features

1. Vidmate is very user-friendly and has a very responsive web page. There are multiple option bars like Movies, Music, and TV at the top bar so that whatever video you want to download, can be chosen from the given categories. You can directly search for a video from the search bar at the top.

2. The speed of downloading is fast thus a whole movie can be downloaded in a few minutes only. While downloading, you can even pause or cancel the download. The data consumed in downloading the videos are less and large videos of say, more than a GB can also be downloaded from Vidmate at ease.

3. Like many other Video Downloader’s which do not allow multiple downloads at a time, Vidmate makes sure you save your precious time by allowing multiple downloads at a time and carry on with your other work. Till the time your work is finished, your downloads would also be done.

4. The best part it, you may be unknown of the available storage in your device, but Vidmate detects it and shows you only those videos, which you can download with available storage space.

5. There have been no buffering found while the files are played on the Vidmate app. Also, the file, which is downloading, will be shown in the background so that you can know how much percentage is left.

6. Until now, there have been more than 50,000 premium quality songs added in the Vidmate app from various portals. If you are a regional cinema lover, Vidmate allows you to download videos in multiple languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, etc.

7. There are various other apps, which you can directly install in your phone via Vidmate. These apps updates are not available but you can always update them from the play store.

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Pros and Cons of Vidmate App

There is a flip side to every good thing and so do Vidmate have. Let us look at the Pros and Cons of the Video downloader app.


1. Among the best video downloader for Phone or Pc as it is easy to use and have a smooth interface.

2. A plethora of video options to choose from thus having a great search bandwidth.

3. The app is said to be hardly hanging or lagging while online streaming or downloading.

4. Recent Movie, song or Trailer releases are also easily available on Vidmate due accessibility of various Video Portals under one platform.

5. Even if the video size is bigger, the data consumed is not much more and comes with an option of Wi-Fi only download thus saving you Phone Internet data.

6. There have been various updates made since its release to improve the app features.


1. The Vidmate app is not available for iPhone users and so a lot of users are not able to download the app on their phones.

2. If you are having a 2g connection or at a remote place with weak connections, Vidmate would hardly work.

3. The files opened in the searched bar is gone if we restart the app, this makes the work more tedious.

4. Videos with subtitles are usually not available on Vidmate up until now; hopefully, they would update it soon.


Overall, Vidmate though has certain fixes and bugs to be repaired, it is a must if you are tech savvy and are addicted to watching videos all time long. Vidmate saves your time as well as data making sure you get to watch the latest trends in music, TV, and movies along with yesteryear’s classic videos. Do Download Vidmate if you still not have hands on it!