5+ Best Apps Like Terrarium TV (Closest Match)

Terrarium TV was a boon for many who wanted to spend time watching movies and TV shows for free over the internet. The app provided unlimited free download and streaming of our favorite movies and TV shows for free with a cool user interface which made it the most sought one by people all around the globe. Putting an end to the smile people had while enjoying free access to movies and TV shows, the app was shut down recently, and now they are looking for the alternatives for the app. Though a modded terrarium is working, there are few apps that can replace the Terrarium as these are the closest match you can try.

If you are one among them and searching for similar apps like Terrarium TV, you are at the right place as we would list you some of the best apps that are capable of filling the empty space left behind by the Terrarium TV. Without further delay let us check some of the best terrarium TV alternatives available for download.

Apps Like Terrarium TV | Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

1. TeaTV

Tea TV app

TeaTV is an application that provides its users with unlimited download and streaming of movies and television shows for free. The app is simple yet effective, and its design offers its users to access a wide variety of media with ease. One of the key features of this application is that it is available for all the top three platforms namely Windows, Mac, and Android.

The app also boasts a huge collection of movies and television series in high definition which can be either downloaded or watched online. The app has a search bar that allows users to search for their favorite media and also lists movies under categories such as Top Movies, Popular, Top Rated, and Now Playing which makes the searching process quite easy. The application is also ad-free, and there is no need to worry about annoying ads while watching or downloading your favorite movie. The app is not available on the Google Play Store, but one can download all three versions of it from its website whose link is shared below.

2. Popcorntime

Popcorntime app download

Popcorn time is another cool terrarium alternative app that enables us to watch and download our favorite movies and television shows for free without any subscriptions. The app streams movies from torrents by taking the best quality available on the internet that is compatible with your search.

Once you enter the name of the media you want and click the search button, the app will find the best version of it on the internet and will start streaming it for you in high definition with subtitles. All you have to do is to select the movie or episode you want, select the quality and subtitles and click on the play button. The process is quite simple and proves to be effective. The app is available for Windows and Android and Mac operating systems which one may download from the link mentioned below.

Download App

3. Tubitv

Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme
Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme
Developer: Tubi TV
Price: To be announced
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot
  • Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme Screenshot

Tubi is an app with a really attractive and eye-catching design that allows its subscribers to enjoy free movies and TV shows. The application has all the essentials a good streaming or a downloading app must have, but it needs you to register and become a member to enjoy its benefits.

The registration is absolutely free, and they do not ask for any credit card details to charge you for benefitting from them. The search bar enables you to search the media that you are willing to watch or download and there is a category list in which movies are categorized under different genres. The app is available for all three platforms and works smoothly without many ads. It also supports other platforms like PS4, Chromecast, and Xbox which makes it even more special.

4. Freeflix HQ

freeflix app download

As the name suggests, FreeflixHQ is an entertainment application that provides streaming and download of movies and television shows for free. The application’s key features are that one can enjoy watching and downloading their preferred movie or episode in 1080p and the app supports Chromecast. One of the best Terrarium like the app to make entertainment more accessible.

The media can be downloaded and watched offline, and the app also assists multiple downloads at the same time. The app has an updated schedule for TV shows so that the users cannot afford to miss any of the episodes. There are more than 5000+ anime shows available on this app which is updated on a daily basis. It also has a Track. Tv support that helps you track what you are watching.  Within the app, you can watch trailers and also can access the IMDB page of your desired movie. The application is available for Android, Mac, Windows, and even for Xbox.

5. Mobdro

mobdro app

Mobdro is an app that gives access to stream videos online including movies and television show episodes. The app lets you find the video you are looking for in any country or language and will stream for you. You can also download videos through Mobro and watch it offline, and the app also allows you to share your likings with your friends’ circle just through a single click. The app is more of its kind as it’s among most downloaded Live TV app you can download for Android. Though there are many articles for Mobdro for iPhone, the main disadvantage of this app is it is available only for Android platforms. So, don’t fall for the false information.

Ending With

The above-listed apps like Terrarium work mostly on Android device as the terrarium was a masterpiece created for Android device only. Few more apps you can try are Showbox, Snagfilm, Hotstar, Crackle, and Popcornflix. Hard to say if these apps can server the ways terrarium used to do, but surely they are worth spending time on. I’ve also curated the alternative list of popular apps like Freeflix, Showbox. Do check them out to find to make most out of your device.

Download Vidmate App | A Video Downloader App

Ever wondered, watching videos online is an easy task but what if you liked a certain video and want it to be downloaded to your laptop or phone? Here comes the main grueling task as there are not many options for downloading videos online. But one such very popular and free app is available for all android and windows users. It is the Vidmate app.

While review movie apps, we have seen the charm of Showbox, The savior terrarium App, the legit Tubi TV and much more. Vidmate is a sort of multi-purpose app. With vidmate download, you get to download what you love to watch.

What Is Vidmate App?

Vidmate is a platform wherein you can download videos for free to your devices. There are various hosting sites available on it wherein you can watch and even download the file. As various hosting sites are involved in it, users’ get to choose from a range of download options for a particular video.

The more popular hosting sites on Vidmate are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe, and many others. It is a recently launched app but has become quite popular already with more than 50,000 app users.

Like Google is the most looked upon the search engine, the same way Vidmate works as a search engine for all videos available to view or download. There are various video download portals like Vimeo, YouTube where certain videos are found but VidMate allows you to have access to all available videos on the net at one place, which is all clicks away.

As all the options are seen in one place, you can choose a particular portal from where the video is to be downloaded and not go on installing multiple software for downloading. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort.

Vidmate Features

vidmate features

1. Vidmate is very user-friendly and has a very responsive web page. There are multiple option bars like Movies, Music, and TV at the top bar so that whatever video you want to download, can be chosen from the given categories. You can directly search for a video from the search bar at the top.

2. The speed of downloading is fast thus a whole movie can be downloaded in a few minutes only. While downloading, you can even pause or cancel the download. The data consumed in downloading the videos are less and large videos of say, more than a GB can also be downloaded from Vidmate at ease.

3. Like many other Video Downloader’s which do not allow multiple downloads at a time, Vidmate makes sure you save your precious time by allowing multiple downloads at a time and carry on with your other work. Till the time your work is finished, your downloads would also be done.

4. The best part it, you may be unknown of the available storage in your device, but Vidmate detects it and shows you only those videos, which you can download with available storage space.

5. There have been no buffering found while the files are played on the Vidmate app. Also, the file, which is downloading, will be shown in the background so that you can know how much percentage is left.

6. Until now, there have been more than 50,000 premium quality songs added in the Vidmate app from various portals. If you are a regional cinema lover, Vidmate allows you to download videos in multiple languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, etc.

7. There are various other apps, which you can directly install in your phone via Vidmate. These apps updates are not available but you can always update them from the play store.

Download App

Pros and Cons of Vidmate App

There is a flip side to every good thing and so do Vidmate have. Let us look at the Pros and Cons of the Video downloader app.


1. Among the best video downloader for Phone or Pc as it is easy to use and have a smooth interface.

2. A plethora of video options to choose from thus having a great search bandwidth.

3. The app is said to be hardly hanging or lagging while online streaming or downloading.

4. Recent Movie, song or Trailer releases are also easily available on Vidmate due accessibility of various Video Portals under one platform.

5. Even if the video size is bigger, the data consumed is not much more and comes with an option of Wi-Fi only download thus saving you Phone Internet data.

6. There have been various updates made since its release to improve the app features.


1. The Vidmate app is not available for iPhone users and so a lot of users are not able to download the app on their phones.

2. If you are having a 2g connection or at a remote place with weak connections, Vidmate would hardly work.

3. The files opened in the searched bar is gone if we restart the app, this makes the work more tedious.

4. Videos with subtitles are usually not available on Vidmate up until now; hopefully, they would update it soon.


Overall, Vidmate though has certain fixes and bugs to be repaired, it is a must if you are tech savvy and are addicted to watching videos all time long. Vidmate saves your time as well as data making sure you get to watch the latest trends in music, TV, and movies along with yesteryear’s classic videos. Do Download Vidmate if you still not have hands on it!

Download Mobdro Online TV App For Android

You are an avid TV watcher but while on the go you seem to miss the happenings on TV, then worry not. A live video streaming app for Android users similar to streaming apps like Hotstar, Voot, Moviebox applications, etc have been launched. Mobdro Online TV App, which shows channels majorly from UK and US. The line of Channels includes Disney, ABC, Sky, HBO among others. Thus, you can have your very on live TV with you every time in the form of your mobile screen.

Ranging from movies to shows, Mobdro TV App offers all kinds of streaming under one platform. There are various channels listed on the apps along with movies, music and various other categories to stream for. It has been a trend to watch live TV shows as hardly people get time to watch TV and in free time either they are on YouTube or any other social media platform. To utilize your time productively and make it more interesting, Mobdro brings to you latest TV shows to watch out. Mobdro makes sure to keep itself updated from time to time and also offers Mobdro premium features in the app for its users.

Eminent Features of Mobdro Online TV App

mobdro app features

1. Easy Streaming And Downloading

Mobdro online TV, as stated, is a video streaming app allowing free video streaming of your favorite shows and movies on your mobile phone without charging any single penny for it. All the videos are of High Quality and the app does support Chrome cast.

For downloading you simply have to click on the download option and in a few seconds (no time), the video will be downloaded to watch for later purposes.

2. Discover

As the categories are already mentioned, Mobdro Online TV let you stream the trending or top featured videos from around the world making your task much easier. These videos can be in any language or on any topic. Thus regardless of language and category, Mobdro TV fulfills all your barrier issues.

3. Capture

The capture feature lets you download your favorite videos and stream it offline at your free time and pace. This would be available in Mobdro premium version only.

4. Share

Mobdro TV app lets you share the videos you are watching on your social media platform or via another medium to your friends & family with just a click.

5. Bookmark

Imagine bookmarking your video streams could be possible with Mobdro as it allows to filter them with the language and category keeping your video player history at hand always. This sounds super interesting!

6. Interface

The interface is very user-friendly and responsive as well.

How Does Mobdro Free App Works?

First of all, you need to simply register on the app by downloading the app. Make sure you enable the unknown sources setting on your phone before downloading, as the app isn’t available on Google Play store. Once downloaded, you are sorted. You can watch live shows as well as download them for free and watch at your own convenient time.

From Where It Need To Be Installed?

The only hiccup found in the Mobdro free app is that the app is not available to be download from the Google Play store. There are no definite reasons for it. As of now, the app can be downloaded via their official website and some other relevant sources. Also, the app is only available for Android users and it has not been launched for IOS and Windows.

Download App

Is It Safe To Use Mobdro?

Yes, of course, the app is very much safe to use but make sure you install the application from a trusted source or best via the official website only. Some untrusted sites may contain harmful Trojan and virus which can be enabled in your smartphone proving to be dangerous.

Final Verdict for Mobdro App

Your partner in crime for watching videos can be the all-new Mobdro online TV app as whenever you are free; you can simply open the app and watch your favorite videos. Also, another interesting thing is that Mobdro tries to provide you with latest and trending videos from the world which keeps you updated regarding what’s new in the world thus saving your time from reading what latest is going on.

The only risk is of its non-availability to download from Google Play Store raising lot many questions. It can be risky to download it from other sources which is a major concern with regards to safety and security of personal information. It brings down the web to you allowing you to enjoy your free time and space from wherever you are.

Ways To Stream Torrent Online Without Download

Stream Torrent Online; Whatever you may call this, they thrive for fun or the thrive for excitement; it is never-ending. Movies are one of the best solutions to escape out of boredom in the free time. The Internet has proved its capabilities, again and again, to provide what we need in just a few clicks. Since years, the torrent has gained popularity in the direction to provide any digital stuff that we may need, very conveniently. In this post, I am going to put light on the top ways to stream torrent online (movies, animation, and other videos) for my friends who cannot wait to download and watch the video or movie they just searched.

For my friends who want to download movies, Streaming is still a good option because it let us know about the quality of the file that we may consider to download and watch. Streaming lets us have immediate access to the content that we are looking for and cannot wait to watch. Let’s have a closer look at the best ways to stream torrent without downloading.

| **{NEW}** Now Stream Torrent On BitTorrent |

Streaming on the internet is going to be much easier with BitTorrent now. BitTorrent now is a different model, yet they have put up innovation by providing chances to thousands of publishers to publish their voice and videos in the comment to support equality. Here people from the world can interact and share their stories and opinions, no matter what form it takes.

The new BitTorrent Now is designed for the people by the people streaming site launched by BitTorrent under the flagship “BitTorrent Bundle”. Read About new innovation here

How To Stream Torrent [Movies | Anime | Videos]

1. Top Free Programs Stream Torrent Movies Online

1.1  Torrentstreaming

Torrent Streaming is a free cross-platform movie streaming app that let you stream and watch the torrent video or movie without making you wait to download. The app is available for multiple platforms including Windows 7,8,8.1,10, Linux and Mac.  All you need to do to make the program work is to drop the torrent file on the program interface or simply paste the direct .torrent link or the magnet link to the box located at the top right and click on Stream to watch the movie online.

  • Download app: here

1.2  Rox Player

Rox player may look like a little video player app that has support for many codecs, but the app differs from the other apps by providing a one-stop solution to grab and stream torrent movies or videos through a magnet link or .torrent file. Rox player has a very user-friendly interface and can play every possible modern video format. Compatible with: Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

  • Download app: here

You can also use the following applications to watch .torrent or magnet files without waiting for download to finish:

1.3  Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free software BitTorrent client that has an integrated media player and supports multiple platforms. The real app provides open access to thousands of torrent movies, videos, and series. Popcorn time is a well-built application with an updated list of torrent movies, web series, and anime. It also supports subtitles which make it even more acceptable torrent streamer.

1.4  Ace Stream

A free player based on the popular VLC media player. With it, you can play physical .torrent files and also magnet links. Additionally, with Ace Stream player you can play ace stream URL streams. Now you will be able to stream the movie that you want without spending a single penny on it.

2. Cache Torrent And Stream Online 

2.1  Zbigz

Zbigz is one of the broad range of available torrent caching service provider available until now on the internet. Zbigz gained its popularity under the Keyword-Download torrent from IDM” making it convenient for the users to download and manage torrent files.

I must tell you that Zbigz does not restrict its use to Download torrents with IDM, but it also let them stream and create playlists from the music and video files that the cache and save to the drive. Zbigz is free to use but also has a premium membership option.

Zbigz is free to use up to 1 GB file, if you’re willing to download files larger than 1 GB then you need to purchase a premium account. Although there are some sites offering Zbigz premium account for free by doing some simple tasks only.

2.2 Bitport


Bitport plays its part by safely finding and downloading torrent with ease. You can cache and save the torrent to the drive and can download it whenever you want with the help of Download Manager installed on your personal computer. Bitport also let you stream the videos if you do not want to download a single bit.

2.3 Filestream


File stream is a secure anonymous internet accelerator and a private cloud storage service. You can download torrent movies to the file stream online drive and can continue to watch it later.  With file stream, you will have Access to your files on your Mobile Device PC, Mac, or even a Big Screen. The recent improvement is marked by the file stream service provider by letting you start watching a movie on your computer and continue on any other connected device like your mobile phone.

3. Use Torch Browser

Torch browser is well known for its innovation to help download Torrents online; its media grabber is a useful tool to grab videos from FB, Twitter, and Youtube. Users find the browser quite similar to Chrome and every extension from chrome web store work in the torch. Well, I must mention that the torch browser can also stream torrent videos with just a single click. You just have to click on the magnet link, and, add the torrent file to the download list.

To stream the torrent file, you are downloading; you just have to wait until a folder icon appears in the archive, and will be able to stream the video file by clicking the play icon. This click will take you to a new tab where the streaming will start.

4. Using Web Browser Apps and Extensions

4.1 Torrent Stream App for Chrome

Nothing is simpler than a torrent stream app for google chrome. The app lets you stream watch torrent movies by just pasting them. MagnetURL. The apps take a little time to get glued to the peers and then downloads significant bits of information enough to play the video. It is fascinating to note that the app also supports “Open Subtitles” to automatically find a subtitle that runs in sync with the movie.

To install this extension visit Chrome App Store, Search for Torrent Stream and add to chrome to get started with streaming in the browser or click the link below.

   Download Extension


If you do not prefer to download movies or videos using torrent, then there are a lot of streaming options availableyou can choose the one that suits you the best. If you like to have streaming available in your browser, you can prefer caching websites like Zbigz, Bitport, torrent stream app for Chrome. You want to stream and save it for later, you can leave the task on Torch browser.

If you are fond of applications, then you can look for software like torrent streaming, popcorn time and Rox player. Feel free to check out these apps and sites and do write your experience to us.

Amazon Prime Video All Set To Be A Fierce Competition

It had been just less than a week since the American e-commerce giant Amazon Announced the launch of Amazon Prime video services in India. After a year of preparation, it is all set to prove its mettle in our country. Amazon Prime will use the Android and iOS application to provide streaming content.

Moreover, tablets, on the Prime Video app for iPhones and iPads, on the new website www.PrimeVideo.com and modern Internet-connected TVs and game consoles. The Prime Membership also includes free shipping across the country. With this bold step, prime reaches an entire of 142 countries across the world.

Read More

Know Everything About Hulu | Plan & Pricing

What do you do when you really want to watch top chef but you’re on the move? Or when you can’t wait to catch up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy but your boss doesn’t leave you early? You turn to stream services. Although you’re under no compulsion to choose only one such service, it can often be quite a long row to hoe if you’re on a budget.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Hulu and other advanced Version Hulu Plus to understand whether it fits your needs. You get to enjoy the original series and 4k Movies on Hulu.

What is Hulu & Hulu TV?

Hulu is an affordable, sought-after on-demand video service owned by three eminent TV networks and caters only to the American audience. It was founded in 2007 with the objective of allowing users to watch their favorite TV shows for free using a PC. However, you’ll now have to purchase one of their plans to get access to their content. Hulu currently boasts of 12 million subscribers that would only grow in the coming years. As of now, It does not offer live TV programming but they have every intention of doing so in the near future so get ready to cut your cable cord.

Here’s An Interesting Fact Regarding The Etymon of “Hulu” –

The name “Hulu” is inspired from two homograph Mandarin words which mean “bottle gourd” and “interactive recording” respectively. The company reveals that both these meanings are in sync with the venture mission. In olden days, Hulu, or the gourd, was hollowed out in order to hold items of great value. And isn’t that what Hulu does today? It contains all your favorite shows on one single platform!

Hulu Plans And Pricing

Hulu price & plan

Earlier, Hulu had two different versions – a free version that enabled consumers to watch a smidgen of limited content and a paid, more advanced version called Hulu Plus that provided access to all popular TV shows and other international TV series.

Hulu’s base plan is priced at $7.99 month which is quite reasonable. But there is a fly in the ointment. While this plan lets you watch all the content, it’s certainly not free of those 30-second, annoying commercials. However, by paying just $4 more, you can upgrade to their ad-free plan which enhances your viewing experience by tenfold. At $11.99, you can watch all the content uninterrupted on multiple devices.

Hulu also offers an add-on channel called Showtime. You could add this to either of the plans at an extra cost of $8.99 per month. Showtime gives you access to the latest shows including Dexter, Shameless, etc. just one day post their official airing. You are allowed to switch plans anytime you wish. Furthermore, both the plans enable you to watch content in HD quality.

Why Should You Choose Hulu?

It has a tie-up with many TV networks with more than 700 million hours of content. Isn’t that amazing? Let’s look at some of Hulu’s key features:

  • Hulu is much cheaper compared to cable networks. Hulu’s premium plan costs $11.99 a month while cable TV can burn a hole in your pocket since it costs roughly over $100 a month, depending upon the package you choose.
  • Hulu started offering 4k streaming in December last year. As of now, you can watch Hulu’s original shows and James Bond movies in 4K.
  • Hulu has gained ground against competitors like Netflix and Amazon prime video with respect to producing its own shows.
  • With Hulu, you have the flexibility of streaming TV shows on multiple devices whenever, and wherever you want.
  • New subscribers get a 7-days free trial to experience their services without shelling out any money. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at any point.
  • Hulu’s biggest selling point is that it adds shows/episodes just a day after it’s been aired. Other streaming services take up to months or even a year (until the next season has been aired), to add new shows to their sites.

Content Available On Hulu

Hulu has several TV networks on board including FOX, ABC, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, National Geographic, NBC, and much more. This means that you get to enjoy a wide variety of genres. Hulu’s original Network include must-watch series like Difficult People, Casual, 11.22.63, and the Path. It also has shows for kids and has recently added many Anime series to the list.

Devices Can Be Used To Stream Content

Once you’ve set up your account, you can watch its content on the following devices as long as you have an Internet connection:

  • Gaming consoles including Sony’s Play station, Wii and Xbox one.
  • Desktops and laptops (compatible with both, Mac OS and Windows)
  • Streaming players such as Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV.
  • Handhelds across all platforms including iOS and Android.
  • Smart TVs

Download Hulu App for Android And iOS

Hulu has an app ready for Android and iOS Device. All you just need to do is Check these Below Links and Download for your platform. So is it worth subscribing to? The answer is yes, without a doubt!

 Android |  iOS



10 Free Movie Sites For Bootleg Movies Online

Turn on your Wi-Fi, put on a nice movie, stretch out your limbs, and enjoy with a tub of popcorn from the comfort of your couch. Sounds far-fetched? Well, it’s not! Gone are those days when you’d have to drag yourself to the theatres to watch a movie and some weren’t even worth the time or money.

If you had to catch the latest episode of a new TV show, you’d have to sacrifice other plans in order to position yourself in front of the telly right on time. Today, with the availability of movie streaming sites, you can get access to all the entertainment as long as you have an Internet connection. Welcome to the digital era! Scouring the best sites can be very time-consuming. Hence, we’ve wrapped up the top 9 legal free movie websites in no particular order.

Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online

1. Xmovies8.com

One of the best free movie websites to watch movies online is Gostream. This is one of the highly visited websites to stream movies from every genre. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, you won’t be disappointed with this movie site. As you land on the site, Homepage looks quite simple and don’t showcase any movie title. The upper head of the site consists of many categories where you can check & explore movie titles.

The news section of this movie site enlightens you with the new release and event of shows & movies. Check and let us know what you think about it.

2. Flixtor.to

Built in the same fashion as the above-mentioned site, Flixtor best site for series & movies without signup. There are many movies streaming websites that won’t let you watch anything unless you register on them. Xmovies is different and does the content library. Having a wide range of content from different countries, I’ll recommend it one of the best free movie websites.

Users are also given an opportunity to explore movies country wise.  Now check movies from Korea, China, US, UK, India, and many other countries.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV, an ad-supported movie streaming site with more than 40,000 movies/TV series, penetrated the online streaming market in 2014. While their content has been categorized astutely including categories titled “Not on Netflix” and “Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, Tubi TV is best known for its “Cult Favorites” section. Having said that, Tubi TV has one major drawback – their library lacks some of the most popular movies. But free stuff comes with its limitations, right?

It is supported on several platforms like iOS and Android as well as on streaming players such as Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox. You can watch the content absolutely free of cost and check for new additions every Friday.

4. Crackle

Crackle is a cross-platform Sony venture that offers an on-demand video service to users for free. Unlike TubiTV, it has been around for a long time but not many people know about it due to the presence of other dominant paid streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu.

Crackle meted out some notable original content in the past including Seinfeld’s popular web series. Moreover, it has a huge collection of movies which can be accessed from 21 different countries.

5. SnagFilms

If you’re a sucker for documentaries and indie films, you must make SnagFilms a permanent member on your board of opened website tabs. Though the movies are interrupted by pithy commercials, you can watch them without paying a dime.

You’ll notice that the content organized meticulously as per its genre, making it easy to filter the kind of movie you wish to watch. Plus, once you begin watching movies on their site, it’ll recommend films taking your taste and preferences into consideration. What’s more, SnagFilms, unlike most free movie streaming sites, enables you to view content in HD!

6. Popcornflix

This new kid on the block was launched just 6 years ago and boasts of multitudinous full-length indie films, web-series, and other well-known flicks. Although the video quality is still not too up to the mark, the site scores brownie points for a lag-free viewing experience.

Popcornflix also offers two different apps – one is a regular app for adults and the other is meant for kids, so you don’t have to panic about your child getting his/her hands on mature content. All you have to do is download the apps and start watching!

7. Hotstar

Hotstar, a Star India enterprise, primarily targets the Indian audience and offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows in about 8 different languages with content totaling up to 35,000 hours. Currently, you can get access to a large chunk of its content for free but they also have a premium subscription plan that lets you watch more stuff without ads at only Rs.199/month.

You can either log onto their website using your laptop or desktop or install their app on your phone or tablet. Additionally, sports lovers can stream live matches sans the buffering, as long as the internet is stable. This has to be my personal favorite!

8. Topdocumentaryfilms

If you love documentaries as much as I do, I would totally recommend you to check out this movie streaming site. You can browse documentaries by genres such as Crime, History, Science, Psychology, Technology, Sports, etc. or glance through all the content on one single page.

The service is on the cuff and has a negligible amount of commercials. The best part about the site is that you can watch the majority of the content in 720p along with subtitles.

9. Classiccinemaonline

This site is perfect for the old souls. It has a massive collection of classic films, silent movies, and musicals. While most of the movies are quite watchable, some of them are grainy when viewed in full-screen. However, let’s not forget that these movies are superannuated. You’d be glad to know that classiccinemaonline is free of ads.

10. Retrovision TV

What makes Retrovision stand out is that it allows viewers to not only watch movies for free but also download the content that can be played offline at a convenient time. It has a decent collection of classics, educational films, cartoons, and some regular movies belonging to different genres ranging from crime to drama to horror. Furthermore, this site is optimized for phones as well as laptops and works on all platforms.

11. Moviesfoundonline

On moviesfoundonline, you can watch free movies and a handful of TV shows without paying a single penny. It has a slightly different approach wherein users are redirected to another streaming site upon picking a movie. This gives you a wider choice of content even though not all of them are of high quality.

Ending With

Movie streaming sites have transformed the showbiz to a monumental degree. Being able to watch free movies online on demand is the perfect solution for those who are short on time and lead fast-paced lives. Furthermore, it works out to be cheaper compared to movie tickets or traditional cable TV.