Amazon Prime Video All Set To Be A Fierce Competition

It had been just less than a week since the American e-commerce giant Amazon Announced the launch of Amazon Prime video services in India. After a year of preparation, it is all set to prove its mettle in our country. Amazon Prime will use the Android and iOS application to provide streaming content.

Moreover, tablets, on the Prime Video app for iPhones and iPads, on the new website and modern Internet-connected TVs and game consoles. The Prime Membership also includes free shipping across the country. With this bold step, prime reaches an entire of 142 countries across the world.

The subscription is free for the first month and will be available in just 499 a year as an introductory offer in India. The content library is huge and has a range of Hollywood series and other international movies and TV shows.

What Is Amazon Prime Offering?

Moreover, keeping into consideration that Indians thrive for something genuinely authentic, Amazon Prime has announced the launch of nine original Indian shows, making it the largest Indian original lineup on an OTT platform (over-the-top, i.e. providing media services over the Internet without employing multi-system operators).

This has given a stringent competition to Netflix and Hulu, and free services like Snagfilms movies. Amazon Prime has been launched at the cheapest rates.

Fact: Amazon Prime is among the most affordable of OTT services in India.

Its global competitor, Netflix, offers three tiers of membership for  500, 650 and 800 a month. Indian entities Eros Now charges 49 and 99 a month and Hotstar which costs 199 a month offers some content for free and rest premium content is loaded after you pay for it. If we compare the prices, currently Amazon Prime is the cheapest service to choose from that will not hit your pocket.

Well, according to the reports by US and Japan, India is a focus market regarding creating new and authentic content.

Here is the statement of James Farrell, head of content, Asia- Pacific, Amazon Prime and Amazon Studios on the same-While preparing for the launch, Amazon realized that while there is an appetite for international library and original content (already on Prime), Indian viewers also have an appetite for good local content, so we went ahead and worked with some Indian talent to the original shows”.

Unlike Amazon, Netflix has a global pricing strategy that is based on the conversion of local currency equivalent of the US rate. Netflix also has universal access, but concurrent access to multiple devices depends on the selected subscription.

Amazon Prime Video Is Diversify

It Legal Services at its best: Amazon Prime does even care about the local/regional content. In this direction, The international prime video content is available in Indian English, Tamil, and Hindi subtitles. To add more diversity
to the content, Prime video will also bring local, regional films in Telegu, Tamil Marathi, and Bengali.

Many Bollywood and local blockbusters will appear exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in just a few weeks after the official broadcast. Seems like it the benefit out of the sudden launch after a year of wait. Regarding US content lovers, they will be able to see many of the US Shows that will be exclusively available for the first time on the app the very day after the US broadcast. More than that, Amazon Prime promises Top Indian and international TV Shows and movies.

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios said– “Amazon announced it had the production of an Indian Amazon original series, with Indian talents and filmmakers, exclusive to Prime members. India has one of the richest and liveliest entertainment industries in the world. We are looking forward to making several Indian original shows, with more yet to come. Moreover, this no longer remains a secret that Amazon has made a significant investment in
India and is excited to bring original content created by Indian talent to the audience worldwide.”

The Amazon Indian series has various genres —drama, comedy, psychological thrillers, biopics, period/action, mythological / fantasy, sports drama and political satire. The company announced some titles in this regard. Amazon Prime launcher is expected to be a game changer of all streaming services in India.

Let’s see how Amazon Prime affects the market of other streaming service providers.