KnockKnock Movie Story, Cast, And Box Office Collection

knock knock movie

Cast: Lorenza Izzo, Keanu Reeves, Ignacia Allamand, Ana De Armas, Colleen Camp, Aaron Burns
Gross Collection: $5,214,043

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Movie Storyline

Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) a prominent architect who was home alone with his dog Monkey, on a Father’s Day weekend. Evan was held up with his office work and so couldn’t accompany his wife and kids on a family trip to the shoreline. His better half Karen (Ignacia Allamand), an effective artist, leaves her manager Louis (Aaron Burns) responsible for her craft that should be moved to an art gallery display.

Two ladies, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana De Armas) bang on Evan’s door. He opens the door and they say that they are searching for the location of a gathering. As they are unable to communicate with anybody, Evan permits them in to utilize the Internet and get hold of the gathering’s host. The young ladies make themselves at home and Evan plays a couple of his old vinyl records he has from when he was a DJ. They at that point vanish to the restroom when their driver arrives. Evan attempts to persuade them to leave, yet as they begin compelling themselves upon him, he gives in and has a trio with them. After Evan, Genesis, and Bel have engaged in sexual relations, Evan discovers that his better half’s model has been vandalized by the young ladies. At the point when Evan compromises to call the police, the young ladies uncover they are underage. Vivian (Colleen Camp), a companion of Karen’s, makes a trip to check whether Evan needs assistance. Seeing Genesis, Vivian indignantly takes off. At the point when Evan undermines to report a break-in, they give in and consent to be brought home.

He at that point returns home, cleans the chaos, and attempts to return to his work. Similarly, as he is drawing nearer to finishing his venture, he hears a breaking clamor. He finds a broken picture casing of his family and Genesis thumps him out with one of his significant other’s figures. Bel climbs onto him attempting to stimulate him while pretending as a school young lady n his girl’s school uniform. Evan at first won’t, however, the young ladies undermine to FaceTime his significant other with him except if he concurs with their techniques. Bel assaults him, and Genesis records everything. Be that as it may, Evan discharges himself, thumping Bel off. He charges at Genesis, however, is then incapacitated by her and Bel who attach him up to a seat with an electrical line.

Louis touches base to gather the model and discovers Evan attached up to a seat, yet before he can help him he hears the young ladies crushing the vandalized figure. He races to stop them, yet then has an asthma assault and acknowledges they took his inhaler. As he attempts to get it back, he slips on a bit of the model, hits his head while falling, and kicks the bucket. They transform Louis’ body into a red model and delve a temporary grave in the lawn for Evan. The two at that point uncover how the whole experience was only a “diversion”, as they never planned to murder Evan nor are both of them underage and that all that they did was a piece of a mischievous pastime of tempting, tormenting, and demolishing the homes of wedded men with youngsters. Genesis threats Evan to show the video she recorded when Bel was in engaging sexual relations with him. As Evan watches on, she transfers it to his Facebook profile.

In the end, Evan is seen escaping a vehicle stopped outside a house. Inside the house, Bel and Genesis are tormenting their next injured individual. Evan bangs on the door and the young ladies stop when they hear it, he bangs again and they ask ‘who’s there?’ Despite the fact that it closes it is expected that Evan is plotting to rebuff Bel and Genesis for destroying his life and marriage. You can watch more of such movies online for free legally.  


with a considerable measure of torment ghastliness and a couple of sensual scenes. The two principle on-screen characters Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas look sufficiently insane however Keanu Reeves’ execution leaves a great deal to be wanted. Perhaps we have used to consider him to be a legend (from the Matrix to John Wick) and we can’t acknowledge watching him being faltering and frail.

As a film it’s OK and you may have a great time watching it, yet if any chance that you can’t stand movies where the “protagonist” does all the wrong moves possibly you ought to stay away from it.

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